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>>  23 February 2016

Yes, I resigned from my previous company and now I' working with my old boss. Salary is not as high as before but there are projects, working flexibility and understanding boss. Previous company is a big company that they only want big project. But the current market of oil and gas is not like it used to be (hope oil and gas industry will bounce back to its original state), so most of  big project is put on hold. I got bored and thus I resigned.

New office is in its renovation period, so I am home based as of now. For the first two weeks its kinda fun to work at home because I can do whatever I want but now, I got bored. No motivation whatsoever to wake up in the morning. Can't wait to be in the office next March!

Other than the full time work as an engineer, I also have side business as an online entrepreneur. It is a business that I run together with my husband. Its kinda fun to work with husband although sometimes we do have disagreement about a lot of stuff but we work through it and come with a good solution. I also like the fact we can motivate each other and constantly thinking on how we can improve more.

Overall the business I must say is not about the money at all. Its the feeling of motivation to be better in something that makes me want to do this. I also learn a lot in business, well after all it is a new experience. I definitely learn new lesson everyday and that is so refreshing!

Come do check us out at instagram or search in Facebook. As of now we are selling long vest which we call it Notch Lapel Long Vest. I will blog about this soon. Hihi.

Ok till then, Assalamualaikum!


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