Melaka Wonderland Theme Park Experience

>>  21 January 2016

We went to Melaka Wonderland Theme Park in Ayer Keroh, Melaka during the Christmas holiday last year. The theme park is located just beside the Bird Park. In fact, we can just walk to the Bird Park from the car park of the theme park. Basically, no need to remove your car, at least this was what I heard from the theme park speaker.

We planned to go here because it was long weekend and we didn't want to just spend the day lazying around the house in Melaka. Let's utilize our time wisely, shall we? I bought my muslimah swimming suit just the day before we went back to Melaka (hubby is from Melaka) at Haleema Butik in Klang. While Aisyah swimming suit we bought it at A'famosa Factory Outlet in Alor Gajah for RM70 after sale. We both love it! I especially love it because its pink. Hihi.

That morning, we had our breakfast at the nearby Subaidah around 845 am. Aisyah was so cranky that morning because she had to wake up early. Kept feeling unsatisfied with a lot of things. Causing mama and ayah to be bad mood too. Grr.

After breakfast, we went straight to theme park. It's weekend and school holiday, need to hurry. Once arrived, OMG parking almost full at the parking area in front of the entrance. What! People was so fast. We quickly lined up to get our ticket. While queuing, a guy behind me said I can get cheaper ticket buy one free one ticket from someone at the back. They sold it so cheap because school kids suppose to come but they cancelled their event and now had to sell the ticket they bought. While we were contemplating, suddenly that guy said, all the buy one free one ticket had been sold out. Fine.

Aisyah entered free because her height was below 90 cm. While we had to pay RM34.11 per person. Normal price is RM37.90 but we can use our Aeon card and get 10% off.

So off we went inside the theme park.

Oops, before I forgot, don't bother to bring your food and drink inside the theme park because they check your bag quite thoroughly. Another thing, there's changing room just before you reach the beach swim area. I saw so many people changed clothes at the toilet near the kids play area. Not comfortable guys, there's proper changing room down there.

Our focus that day was just on Aisyah because we wanted her to feel happy playing with water. Alhamdulillah she enjoyed it. We just went to kids area, the beach area and the canal area. We didn't rush our time there, leisurely playing with Aisyah.

Basically we spent 2 hours in Melaka Wonderland Theme Park. Overall what I can say this theme park is so average. Nothing special about it. They should improve the decoration of the theme park. Example, at the canal area, it is just the canal. No special effect like sound effect or animal figurine at the side. Will we repeat going here? Maybe, if with another baby. Haha.

Ooops, midway during walking to the beach area, my slipper's strap broke. So my husband let me borrow his slipper. So sweet of him. I hadn't use that slipper for quite some time. I guessed it got worn out.

I bought fries and mineral water at the cafe just beside the kids area. Couldn't remember the price exactly but I think the price for the fries was RM4.50. The portion was quite a lot. I guess it was quite reasonable. Aisyah ate quite a lot. Maybe she was hungry due to all the playing with water.

Okay one picture.

Till then, Assalamualaikum.


M&M FASHION BITES January 29, 2016 at 7:13 AM  

Cute photo :)
Maria V.

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