2015 Recap

>>  21 December 2015

What was the biggest thing happens to me this year?

I couldn't recall at all anything that big but I'm loving it because I am an average people who doesn't like drama or anything so massive in life.

In 2015, my husband and I managed to buy a house of which we can only enter it on 2017 since it is still in development phase. We also managed to register for Hajj for the three of us. We also plan to start a small business, just to do something that meaningful to us, something that we can work hard and be proud of. Hopefully we can start it on 2016.

For my 2015 resolution, I had like 15 resolution but I can say only three I managed to achieve which are registered for Hajj, be more positive and have less expectation. Some of it I did but I didn't do it continuously and with istiqamah like read Quran after prayer, solat Dhuha (but I did at office most of the time), solat on time (sigh), wake up early (boo! ), lose weight (haha, not success yet), cook 1 new recipe every week (I did cook new recipe but I only cook for my baby, hehe), grooming/supplement (sigh) and save more money in bank. I think good relationship I can't say I achieve it because there's one time I treat  service customer personnel badly. Sorry! Won't do it again!

I'm sure 2016 will be quite challenging due to the career change, start new business and get pregnant. Yes, I want to get pregnant next year. It's about time, I can't leave my daughter alone for so many years. She needs sibling too. I hope I can stay positive throughout the year and keep myself strong!

Okay peeps, that's it! Bye. Assalamualaikum.


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