>>  15 September 2014

Recently I encountered a situation where I learnt human's relationship is so fragile. One small thing can actually destroy a relationship or maybe relationships. So it is very important to be careful of how you think, talk or even type. Other than that, I also learn that:

1) Don't take side when there is argument between people around you. Even you mean good, when you take side and blame people, you actually make it worse. Be neutral.

2) Don't be too sensitive when people write or say something. It might not be about you. But if you believe it is, be extra careful with this kind of people.

3) Don't help people too much . Just give help once in a while but suddenly if you have trouble and they don't help, recognize this type of people and stay away. They might just use you when they are in trouble. 

4) Don't give advice to people who are too arrogant to accept advice. When this type of people in trouble, just save your time, no need to give advice. Just let them be, they set the boundary themselves.

5) Don't tell your personal problem with your partner to other people. Other people might spread your story or worst, use it against you. Just keep it personal (unless it is a domestic violence, this one needs help pronto!)

6) Set boundary with people. You don't have to be so close with people. Don't tell people everything and don't be offended when people don't share something with you.

7) People may not like you, it's ok. You don't like everyone too. So don't keep it in the heart. 

8) Learn to be independent. This is very important. I need to learn this too. We never know what gonna happen in the future. So able to be independent is a very good advantage. This is one of the reasons why I want to stay working even I like being a stay at home mom. Working has taught me a lot of things like earning my own money, management skill, communication with many kind of people, social life and spiritual. 

9) People will sometime make you feel down but just assume it is one of those days. It is not life if everyday is a good day. But if people mistreats you, wait 24 hours before you act. 

10) Always treat people nicely. Even people will not always treat you nicely. Because the way you behave is not because of other people but because of yourself. Usually before I sleep, I will review what I did that day. If I did something bad (anything), I will feel terrible and demotivated. So really, at the end its about how you feel about yourself. Do good to feel good.

So what is the conclusion about my post here? It's simple. Do good to people, be careful with people and always think 7 steps ahead when you do something. Nowadays, one step ahead is just not enough.

Good luck, Assalamualaikum.


We Booked A Condo

>>  26 August 2014

We booked one condominium in Ampang for us to stay in (or maybe rent, not sure). It was actually an abandoned project. But it got continued due to change of developer. Husband said he saw some progress on the construction, so I guess I can dream with the house decoration now? Haha.

We chose type A condominium (1010 sq/ft) which inclusive of 2 units of air conditioner, 1 wardrobe in master bedroom and the kitchen cabinet. Sounds interesting yoohoo!

Here is the layout of our chosen condominium.

Based on the layout, the drawback is the second bathroom separates the dining room and the kitchen. So I guess it will be a bit inconvenient to go back and forth sending food to the dining table. And also we can't have open space kitchen. It's actually my husband's dream to have an island. Hihi. I also like having open space kitchen. I can watch over my children when I cook. Well, you can't have everything right.

I also dislike the fact that there is a nook at the living room. It actually makes the living room looks smaller. The house is quite small, so the wall definitely shrinks the space more. Maybe we should demolish the wall? Good idea!

We visited the sample house way back in April 2014. Here some picture I took:

Living room

This is what I'm talking about - nook space. Here in the sample house they put the tv cabinet. Quite small, only 8 feet.

kitchen cabinet 1

kitchen cabinet 2

kitchen cabinet 3

kitchen cabinet 4

The agent said the developer will provide the exact kitchen cabinet and tiles with additional of sink. I hope they will really provide it because truthfully I love this kitchen cabinet. Easy, clean and sleek.
Bathroom 1
Bathroom 2
So pretty right? Again, the agent said the developer will provide the same tiles too in the bathrooms. I don't put too much hope in this because the tiles are so gorgeous. Looked at the sink too. Love love.

Work Area
They put air conditioner here since it is too risky to put it outside. The building is an abandoned building and a lot of foreign workers go through this building. Scared people will steal the air conditioner. But I will make this space my laundry room and store. I will put wall to wall wardrobe, make use of all the vertical space we have.

Bedroom 1
Bedroom 1 
That is the wardrobe the developer will give to us. It is a wall to wall wardrobe. Yey! I can put all our linen here. The second picture I took to show the air conditioner they gonna give us. Haha.

Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
The agent said the window in bedroom 3 won't be like this, they will change it into the modern one (casement type I suppose).

The house is not that big but being a person who get scared easily, I guess this is just nice. Haha. I also dislike so many things in the house. Me and my husband like to throw away stuffs that we don't use, my husband especially. We like our house to be simple and clutter free.

I hope in the future we don't have any problem with the process of having this house. Booking the house was just the first step. There are a lot more process we need to go through. I am sure there will be obstacles within the process in having the house. I really hope we will be strong enough and manage to get the house.


Ok bye people, Assalamualaikum.


Raya 2014

>>  07 August 2014

This year Raya was not as festive as before. Other than baju raya, everything else was quite last minute. I didn't buy any kuih raya, only my husband bought it. He bought four jars of kuih raya, of which two of them got destroyed when he involved in accident (I will post about it soon, he got accident just 6 days before raya). So we left with two jars of kuih raya only. Tsk tsk. But due to my husband's accident, his colleagues gave 2 jars of kuih raya and his auntie also gave one jar. Alhamdulillah we have 5 jars of kuih raya this year. I know, not that much but at least we have. Hee.

Other than kuih raya, was duit raya. We were so busy that we didn't have time to convert our money during the last 2 weeks before raya. Some more my husband involved in accident, so yeah converting money was really not that important that time. But I knew I will be so frustrated if I can't give duit raya to my little siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews, so I asked help from my sister and mother. Alhamdulillah they managed to help us. Thank you thank you. Still not enough, my husband asked help from his father too. So yeah, our duit raya was settled too. Alhamdulillah.

This year the first day of Raya was at my hometown Manjung. We went back to my hometown on Saturday (Raya was on Monday). We reached home around 8 pm from my house in Subang at 2 pm. Jam was not terrible, it was just because we stopped a lot. Since my husband still couldn't move his hand so well, so I drove. And it was quite difficult in the beginning. Aisyah cried loudly for about half an hour because she needed my attention and she didn't like sitting in her carseat. My husband's wound was still hurt so he couldn't hold Aisyah. But Alhamdulillah, we still manage to go back for Raya.

Thank you thank you Allah.

On the first day of Raya, we woke up around 645 am, prayed for Subuh and prepared to go back to my mom's hometown in Manong. I actually said to my mom, we gonna start the engine at 7 am. Haha. Such dream. And it took us 1 hour and a half to reach there. Food for the day were lemang, nasi dagang and laksa. I ate nasi dagang and laksa. Hee.

This year raya, the first day only me and my unmarried brothers at home. Others were at their partner's side.

My youngest brother Farhan stayed at home since he slept late playing video game. Pftt.

Second day of Raya we just stayed at home lazying around. Eh we also went shopping a bit.

While the third day of Raya, we started travel to my husband's hometown in Melaka. We moved from house around 11am, got our car washed, stopped at Ipoh visiting my husband's auntie, got our tyre fixed and continued travelling to Melaka. We reached Melaka around 10pm. It was almost 12 hours in the car! But it was alright since my husband drove. Hehe.

So officially it was fourth day of Raya we celebrated in Melaka. As usual Raya in Melaka was quite hectic.

The first picture was in the morning while the second picture was at night. See my pale face. Erh. But Aisyah looked happy.

I think we went to 7 houses on the fourth raya but last 5 houses we only took average around 15 minutes at their houses. Haha. My parent in law were so rushing since my mother in law's sister already on her way to our house. What I can learn from visiting relative's houses in Melaka were:

1. All drink is carbonated drink. Seriously, ALL.
2. Visiting old relatives make me feel I need to take care of myself better while I am young. Balance and healthy lifestyle. I don't wanna be sick when I'm old (in case I'm still alive).
3. Appreciate your old one especially during Raya. Don't let them alone. Please be with them. During our visit, there was one grandmother cried, no families with her at the house ( I just suspect it was due to that, oldies are sensitive kan, hmm).

After we finished visiting the 7 houses, we went back home since our relatives from Johor already waiting. Food for them? KFC only. Hehe. No time to cook lah.

Just after relatives from Johor went back, relatives from Melaka came to visit! Wahh back to back. So many cars arrived, my father in law even top up the meal. They performed solat jemaah and played fireworks. Aisyah was not that shocked hearing the fireworks to my surprise. She was quite cool. No crying at all.
Then its end of the day. Alhamdulillah,

Okay that's all story for my Raya.

Thank you for reading.

Bye, Assalamualaikum.


My Labor Experience

>>  18 July 2014

I gave birth to my lovely daughter on 26 November 2013. My labor was quite easy than other people's experience I think, thank you ya Allah. I had blood show at 10 am, at that time the pain was not that much. It just a minor waist  pain like when you gonna get period. I was quite calm that time since people said usually first baby you will take like one day of contraction before labor.

But my mom was panic. She went to work that day (yes, I already at my hometown). So during afternoon, she went back and sent me to hospital. I registered with the hospital while my mom parked the car. She also brought my labor beg. Pftt my labor beg was so heavy. I put unnecessary things inside it like clothes. Yes, no need clothes people. At government hospital, they provide you with pink suit. So its easy, no need to wash your clothes afterwards. Hehe.

Okay back to the story. I said to the doctor I already had blood show. The doctor checked the dilation and it was 2 cm. She also asked me what is the gap between my contraction. I didn't even know I had contraction! So she touched my stomach and taught me what is contraction. Whenever I felt pain at my stomach that is contraction apparently. Hehe.

Since everything was settled, they asked me to wait at the labor room to perform contraction stress test (CST) on me. It was from 1pm until 2pm. I was so hungry, I didn't eat my lunch yet. Sob sob. From what I knew, the doctors said my contraction seem convincing. I didn't know what it meant. Haha. So after the CST, they sent me to the ward. In the ward, they were a lot of pregnant lady waiting for delivery. Wow. I was so hungry that time. Suddenly my mom came and brought nasi goreng for me. Her face was so worried. That time my contraction got stronger. I ate only a small portion of the nasi goreng and my mom had to go home to pray and settle something.

I lay down on the hospital bed and waiting for my turn. The ward nurse came to my bed and gave me pink suit for me to change. So I changed my outfit and just wait. It was 330 pm that time. While waiting I ate again another portion of the nasi goreng. Just to ensure I have enough energy to deliver.

My contraction got stronger time by time. I've been reading that drinking Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) can help your delivery, so I drank a bit. Then the nurse came with form for me to sign. My contraction was so bad I couldn't read what was on the form. I just signed quickly so that the nurse will go away quickly. She also asked me whether I took any minyak selusuh and said to me minyak selusuh is not good bla bla. I just shake my head signalling I didn't take any. Haha sorry nurse. I was so in pain to explain.

People said VCO is like minyak selusuh too. Well I don't know. I just took 3 drops only.

I saw another lady waiting for delivery in front of my bed walking back and forth so calmly. Me on another hand couldn't even breathe properly. I kept changing my position. Sometimes I lay down, sometimes I sat, sometimes I walked. Sometimes I lay aside and breathed using my mouth (people said this can help reduce your contraction, YES it helped a bit).

The contraction got stronger and stronger. I couldn't even checked my phone. My husband ( my husband was still at work in KL fighting with the draftsmen, haha) and my girlfriends messaged me. I just replied to them shortly. The contraction was so strong it shook my whole body.

Suddenly at 515pm, my water broke! So I pressed the help button to call for nurse. I kept on pressing the button since the first press wasn't strong enough. The nurse came and she brought me to small room. The doctor checked my dilation and it was already 6 cm. Wow. So fast. Alhamdulillah.

The nurse then asked me to sit on the wheelchair to bring me to the labor room. My second visit to the labor room and this time for real labor. Gulp. Well I was so in pain that I couldn't think properly. I didn't even feel scared. Yes, not scared people.

So there I was laying on the bed in the labor room while sucking the gas. This gas apparently can help reduce the contraction pain. In my case, it didn't. I was closing my eyes the whole time and couldn't do anything. In the labor room, doctor also checked my dilation just to ensure whether the ward people got it right. But yeah, no checking when the contraction came because it was so painful.

At 6pm, the doctor checked my dilation again and its already full. Its 10 cm. Now is the right time to push. I kept on pushing and pushing with my eyes closed. Pftt. I didn't know why I was like that. Apparently I didn't know the right way to breathe and push. But the nurses kept persuaded me and taught me. One nurse even nagged to me. I was so in pain, I didn't even care. I just want to deliver quickly. They also asked me whether I wanted episiotomy or not. I said no I didn't want. But they gave it anyway. Haha.

So I kept pushing and pushing and suddenly I got the rhythm right. Alhamdulillah. Finally I managed to deliver my baby. I felt so relieved when my baby already out. I didn't even feel the pain when they stitched my episiotomy wound. The staff nurse was very good. She was the one who taught the doctor how to properly stitch my wound. She even pushed out the remaining blood inside my womb.

However, I couldn't hug my baby. They didn't put my baby on my chest. They just show her to me. That's all. Pftt.

After the stitching done, they put me on bed in front of the counter. Haha. Not only me. Other people who delivered too. Don't know why. After they finished checking my baby, they put her beside me and asked me to breastfeed her. It felt so amazing when my baby first sucked her milk. Alhamdulillah. She naturally knew how to suck her milk.

Then we went to the ward. My mom already waiting for me there. My husband? Still on his way. Haha. It was 8pm that time.  15 minutes after that, my husband arrived and he whispered azan to my baby's ears.


Everything went smoothly. During my pregnancy, everyday I prayed that both me and baby will be safe and she will be a healthy baby. Alhamdulillah praise to Allah who granted it.

I also asked forgiveness from my husband everyday during the last trimester of my pregnancy.

Thank you Allah.

Aisyah was 2 weeks old this time
Aisyah 6 months old
Okay that's all people my story of labor.


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