>>  30 March 2015

My time at home and during weekend run out so fast. Without knowing, the weekend already ended And the Monday starts again. The cycle went so quickly and my list of things to do was never finish. I always update my list of things to do and planned to settle them during the weekend but the time always beat me. Like today, I still have 5 pending item to do. They are simple tasks but getting to the process of doing them requires time which I don't have.

But I have learnt my lesson. I won't rush in doing this task (unless its extremely important) because if I do that, I will get stress and my family will be affected too. So until I can, I just enjoy every moment I have. If I can do it, I will do it. If I cant, then I will let it go. Life is too short to be stress too.

Okay, that's it for today.


Bye, till then. Assalamualaikum.


Aisyah and Constipation

>>  03 March 2015

My baby is having constipation right now. It is more than 2 months already. We are not sure what was the cause. Coincidentally, she got the constipation one week after discharged from the hospital due to fever. Here, some chronology of her case. 2 months ago, she took 5 days to p**p, so we gave her enema at her b**t to trigger the p**p to come out. Her p**p was like goat's p**p. Round and hard. Then we discovered there was blood when we was cleaning her b**t.  It triggered us to bring her to see a doctor, doctor A. Doc A prescribed lactulose with 2 m/l dosage three times a day before meal. The result? Nothing change. She still cried whenever she  p**p. In the meantime, we controlled her diet and no longer gave her cheese and provided a lot of fruits. We also changed the usual white rice into brown rice. We tried the 2 m/l for almost 2 weeks. 

Since there was no result, we brought her to a pediatrician, Doctor B. Doc B explained to us how the digestion system works, intestine, fiber and when we asked him was it due to her diet? He said no. Apparently it was not true. It's partially due to diet as well. Doc B prescribed lactulose with 4 m/l dosage three times a day. The first day after using that dosage, her p**p was no longer as hard as before and she didn't suffer so much when p**ping. But after that, it went like before. She took 3 to 4 days to p**p. We tried that dosage for almost a month and still not satisfied because she still cried whenever she p**p. 

So we bring her to another pediatrician, doctor C. Doc C explained to us about everything. The diet, how the intestine works and prescribed us with lactulose with 5 m/l dosage (medicine dose is given based on weight). Aisyah drinks 100% breast milk so it is definitely not the milk case. I never heard any case baby got constipation due to not suitable breast milk. In fact, she's been drinking breast milk even before that constipation case. The doctor also explained to us if this dosage does not work, he will prescribed her with other medicine which is the liquid paraffin. We tried lactulose with 5 m/l dosage for about 2 weeks and increased her fiber intake (a lot of fiber in the form of green vegetables in her porridge). And the result? Nothing change. With Doc C, we also suspected it was due to Aisyah psychological thinking. Maybe she scared to p**p? We are not sure. 

So yesterday, we met again with Doc C. He gave us the liquid paraffin with 7.5 m/l dosage two times a day after meal and also provided to us referral letter to hospital. If Aisyah still does not p**p normally at the end of this week, she needs to be referred to the hospital. Why? Because they can provide other medicine which was not in his clinic (I'm not sure what medicine), admitted to be observed (this is weird since I'm the one who need to cook her food, right?), X-ray or maybe referred to child psychologist. The child psychologist will persuade her to p**p normally. He also asked us whether after I gave birth, the doctor gave the thyroid test. He explained normally after gave birth, the doctor will give the result test but apparently most of the doctor seems to forget. They did the test but forget to provide the result. I am so not sure about this. Might need to check Aisyah's book again. However, based on Doc C's observation, Aisyah should not have thyroid problem since there is no abnormality in her skin and she is a cheerful baby.

Hopefully there is good result by using the liquid paraffin. Really wish we does not have to go to the hospital. Amin. If need to see a child psychologist, I totally agree. 

Okay, that's all. Till then, Assalamualaikum.


New Year Celebration

>>  18 February 2015

It's already February and yet I still wanted to post about my new year celebration.

My small family went for holiday in Penang for the new year. We planned to go there two weeks before the day. So I started preparing for it ; bought monopod/tripod, swimming diaper for Aisyah, apply leave and etc.

So on the day of new year 1st January, we moved from the house around 8 am and reach Penang around 1230 am. The journey was quite smooth. Aisyah slept almost 3 hours. Awesome! If she didn't sleep, I'm sure it was gonna be quite stressful. She doesn't like sitting in the car for so long, no freedom. When we reached Penang, it was already lunch time. We didn't have any clue where to eat. So we just drive though Penang Town and found Kopitiam, so we just ate there. Aisyah was so bad mood since she was so sleepy. So part of the food I just tapau and ate later in the hotel.

Then we drove to the hotel, saw Gurney Plaza, Gurney Paragon and Batu Ferringghi on our right. The road was not that packed I supposed. It was a bit jam in front of the Gurney Paragon since people wanted to go there but after that, it was not that bad . Oops I am a person who go through bad traffic everyday, so my judgement might be different. Hihi.

We arrived at our hotel around 3 pm, just the right time to check in. We stayed at Hard Rock Hotel Penang but I think it was not the right choice. The room price of course was expensive due to the brand but we kinda expected more for the interior decoration. I've been to Hard Rock Hotel  Penang before but just for sightseeing and not staying there. At the lobby yes we could see all the lights, drawing, and costumes. However there was not much to say about the room. Oh by the way, I stayed at Hill View Deluxe Room. Some of the furniture were quite washed out, the wardrobe door was not so smooth to open, same goes to the toilet wall (the toilet wall dividing the room and toilet can be moved) and the toilet door even got mushroom! Haha. While I was having my ehemm task in the toilet, looking at the mushroom was so funny! Haha. If Hard Rock Cafe Penang management happens to read this, can please please update your hotel room? I wanted to give my feedback when I was at the hotel but my husband seem wanted me to be positive, so I just didn't want to ruin our mood.

Another drawback was I think other visitor (not hotel guest) can easily come in and out of the hotel (like what I did back then). There are entrance at the front gate and from the beach. So less privacy and it made me didn't feel special staying in Hard Rock Hotel. The pool is quite small too.

Other than that, it was all okay.

Our first day there, we didn't do so much. In the evening, we just walked around the beach, took some pictures and headed back to our room. My husband and Aisyah took bath together in the hotel bathtub, then I put Aisyah to sleep and waited for her to wake up to go dinner. My husband wanted to have dinner in Hard Rock Cafe but really, at night there was life band, loud sound and with me wearing jubah, not really appropriate. So we dined somewhere else in Batu Feringghi. We googled and found this restaurant recommended by the blogger since this restaurant was featured in Jalan Jalan Cari Makan. When we arrived there, there was very big banner hanged at the restaurant mentioned it was featured  in Jalan Jalan Cari Makan. So we got excited and ready to eat. Not gonna mention the name here because I felt so dissapointed. We ordered kailan ikan masin, but it was not available so we ordered something else, kangkung belacan, also not available so we ordered mixed vegetables. Very easy to do but turned out they forgot it! They sent everything we ordered except that. I finished my food but still they had not send it. My husband cancelled it but they asked to wait. Since we were on holiday and still wanted to maintain our positivity, we just waited for it and didn't want to argue more. Overall, the food was not great. Their siakap tiga rasa tasted like asam pedas. Pftt.

The next morning we had our breakfast in the hotel. I have to admit I like their breakfast buffet because they got waffle. Super love waffle. Hehe. Despite Aisyah being so bad mood, I still enjoyed my breakfast very much.

After that we went to swimming pool. Only Aisyah and her dad played in the pool. Me on the other hand just captured their pictures. Aisyah at first was quite scared but after a while she kinda liked it. Hihi.

We had our lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. We kinda blur what to order. My husband ordered a burger while I order macaroni. Well, what can I say is western food is not our taste. We are pure Malay. Only ikan siakap 3 rasa, tomyam and kailan ikan masin can satisfy us. Haha.

Then we went to Gurney Paragon mall. Haha so weird right? Even we went to Penang, our favourite place to go was still shopping mall. The reason was because we didn't know where else to go. If in Malacca, we can go to zoo but here, really I have no idea. I assumed maybe we didn't do enough research before the holiday. We went shopping in H&M there and this shop here has mezzanine floor with stair only. So it was difficult for us since we brought Aisyah in stroller. Turned out H&M here got lift! It wasn't a normal big lift. It was a small lift enough just for three of us and the function buttons were not that much. The lift was quite fun I must say. Hihi. Like a prototype lift.

After the shopping trip, we went to Gurney Drive to buy our dinner, char kuey tiow while Aisyah we bought for her some McD porridge (with guilty feeling of course! I hope this is the last time we bought from McD, forever boycott).

The next day was our last day in Penang. So we had our same routine like yesterday. Breakfast in hotel, played in the swimming pool and at 12 pm we checked out from the hotel. Our holiday was not so much adventure, we just spent our time relaxing in the hotel. So there was no I Need Holiday after My Holiday thing. Haha.

Before we ended our holiday in Penang, we went to Toy Museum. I went to Toy Museum before but it was in different location than this time. Turned out they had moved. Seeing all the toys was quite fun but only up to that. There was nothing extraordinary about that place. If you visit Penang, it was alright if you don't get the chance to visit that place.

Alright, pictures time.

At the beach

Mama and Ayah, Aisyah was sleeping

Waffles which I love a lot


Still scared

Oooo time to be adventurous


Next one

Getting a hang of it

Swim swim

Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe

Baby chair was quite low

After breakfast

Last day

Haha. So sorry Ayah

Okay, that's all about our holiday.

Till then, Assalamualaikum.


What I want to do if I get the key of my house

>>  17 February 2015

The house we booked back then is almost 65% finished. Alert, we just booked and haven't done the loan process yet. Since that house is an abandoned house, so the developer needs to finish the condominium until 80% and then they can apply for bank loan. This is what explained by the agent. Not sure whether it was totally true or not.

Okay back to the topic, what I wanted to do after we get the key (well everyone can dream, in this case I plan ok! :p)

1. Cornice
The distance between our ceiling to the floor is not so high. I don't think it is a good choice to install plaster ceiling. Since our soon to be house is small, we need to avoid making it looks much smaller. So solution? Only cornice. A simple cornice. Nothing too fancy or traditional.

Design C330 is what I'm aiming for. I got this image from the net

2. Laminate wood flooring
I know. Its gonna be quite expensive but I love it too much! I tried google and found out the price range for laminate wood flooring will be around RM3 to RM8 per sq. ft. So really need to be extra careful when choosing the vendor. Preferably go for individual contractor since company charge way too high compared to individual contractor. One of the famous brand for laminate wood floor is INOVAR. INOVAR has plenty of collection for laminate floor which comes in 8 mm and 12 mm thickness and resistance to wear (for house AC3 is recommended).

Super love country walnut!

3. Floor to ceiling wardrobe in the laundry room
Since our house is quite small, it will be such a waste not to use vertical space in the laundry room. This wardrobe will be used as the storage wardrobe. Extra things like luggage bags, bags, old clothes, tools, sewing stuff will be arranged in this wardrobe.Things which are not use that often will be put on the top section of the wardrobe for easy access to always used item.

4. Grill
Almost forget this! I think this is the main thing that we should do after we get the key. Always SAFETY first! We both super love simple design. So design is really not a concern here. The main concern I assumed will be what the grill is made of. I love stainless steel but to have stainless steel for the whole house is never going to happen, price wise. So I think we will go for mild steel with powder coating. For a condominium with 3 bedrooms, I assumed it should be around RM5k.

5. Fan
The house developer will provide two units of air-conditioner and we already have 1 unit of air-conditioner. Even we will have three units of air-conditioner, it is still important to have fan in all room. We need to save energy whenever we can. I assumed we will need 5 units of fan. Depends on the brand, no of blade and whether the fan has remote control or not, the price of fan will be range around RM150 to RM300. Based on what I read, KDK brand is the best in term of long lasting and for four blades, the price is around RM240. So I guess, for 5 fans, we need to prepare RM1200. Phew.

6. Lamp
Choosing lamp definitely will be difficult. With abundance of design in the market, I am sure I will be taking a lot of time in choosing the right one which suit our house. Both floor lamp and table lamp will definitely need to be incorporated in the house. So to come out with the budget for the lamp will be difficult now.

7. Paint
Yes, paint is important too. My husband and I both love grey color. So for the living room, we gonna choose grey color. This color can suit every color. I know white can suit every color too but I'm sure the space will be quite dull if we choose white.

Alright, that's all. Hehe,

Till then, Assalamualaikum.


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