Overnight in the Hospital After Deliver

>>  12 November 2014

My baby will turn 1 in 2 weeks and yet I want to write a post about my experience after delivering. Haha. Alright, after I delivered, I stayed at the hospital for one night since I delivered at 630 pm and I guessed it was a hospital procedure so that they can monitor both mom's and baby's condition.

I delivered in goverment hospital in Manjung and there was no private wing or such. Everyone was treated the same. Being a first time mommy, I was so scared. I didn't know how to handle baby and my mom wasn't in the hospital to accompany me. (Mind you, baby stayed with mom all the time). Of course my husband couldn't too. Men was not allowed. It was all on myself alone. It was so scary. But people around me were like that too. So independent but yeah they were not a first time mommy. So I kept an eye closely of what they were doing. Okay change baby diapers, cuddle baby, breastfeed baby, change pad, went to toilet to clean up yourself. But one thing I didn't know was I need to change my baby's clothes. She was still wrapped in towel okay. OMG. Whenever I think about it, I felt so sad. I just change my baby's clothes when the nurse came and it was 5 am. Imagine, my baby was born around 630 pm. Grr. My mom and husband should knew this. I just gave birth. People said when you gave birth, you tend to forget things.  It was a terrible experience for me to overnight in the hospital. 

Other than that, we also need to get our own clean clothes at the counter. The counter was quite far and I just gave birth and I just got cut and stitched down there, so it was difficult to walk and I was still tired. No one told me about this, if they did, I will not give birth in government hospital in the first place. I guess I wasn't that strong. Hihi. Since I didn't have the energy to go to the counter, I just wore my own clean clothes. When the nurse came and ask, I just said I didn't have the energy to walk. Yeah, whatever. 

I also didn't wear my socks. I was so blur, you know. I also didn't know how to wear kain so it kept loose, it was so annoying haha. I also didn't eat so much. It was not good alright, if you want to breastfeed your baby, you need to eat a lot. 

Other than the above, everything else was quite okay. I thought overnight in the hospital will be so scary but it wasn't. Other patients were so busy went back and forth to toilet, looking for something in their bag, eat, breastfeed and a lot more. 

At 6 am, the nurse came and said they need to check my stitched. Okay that time I already have some energy, so I walked to the room. Wah, this room is so cold! I was so scared when the nurse checked it. Because the thought to widely open my leg. Erk. But the examination was quite brief and I was so relieved when its over. 

At 7 am, the doctor came to examine my blood pressure and also baby's condition. Everything was in good condition. Nothing to worry. He also explain about birth control, bla, bla. Oh come on. I just gave birth and I didn't sleep last night. I couldn't focus to what you were saying. It just at the end he asked me, so which birth control you want? I was so blur, I just said pil. Haha. Then he said if you choose pil, you should never forget to take it everyday. Okay whatever. I never take pil anyway, haha.

After the doctor finished examining, they took my baby to be bathed. They took all babies together and in the meantime they said I could take the time to take a bath myself. Oh come on, I was so tired I didn't have the energy to take a bath. And with the cold water in the bathroom. Nope! So I waited until my baby came. One by one babies came back to their mom. Eh, where's my baby. She was before that baby? My baby was the last. I didn't know why. Was it because I didn't clean her up a bit at night? I don't know. 

After that, another doctor came and gave Hep B injection to my baby. She cried but only briefly. Such a strong baby. Hihi.

So I waited and waited wondering when can we discharge. My husband came in the morning too. He gave me food, it was bread if I'm not mistaken. Turned out my mom said I wasn't suppose to eat bread. Haha. 

Most of the patients in my area discharged after lunch but not me. I forgot why. Oh yes, I guess it was due to the quantity of my pee was not enough. Erh, I should drink a lot or perhaps maybe I should just lie. Haha. 

Then after the quantity of my pee was sufficient, the nurse came and said yes you can discharge at 5pm. Wah I was so excited, I took a bath, wore my go to home properly, make sure my baby is in good condition. Suddenly the nurse came to check my baby. She wanted to know whether my baby pee and poop normally. She checked the diapers but it was not wet. Only had poops. What??

Every half an hour they came to check but the diapers was still not wet. At 4 pm, one nurse came and brought my baby to the counter. I was so scared what they gonna do. Turned out, they put the wet tissue on my baby's flower. Played it there until she peed! Thank goodness. 

Then we went home,


Such a long story. 

Okay so what is the lesson learnt here?
1. Maternity pad is not good, so thick and doesn't have wings. Easily can get leak. Just use overnight pads with wing.
2. Remember to change pads every 2 hours. 
3. Please please buy disposable panties. Don't waste your time and energy to wash your dirty panties.
3. Don't forget your socks and please wear it right after you deliver.
4. Wash your down there with salt water even after you deliver. Remember to bring salt. 
5. Drink, drink, drink plenty of water.
6. Eat, eat, eat a lot.
7. Breastfeed your baby every 2 hours and not 4 hours.
8. Change your baby's clothes, don't let the baby just wrapped in towel. Haihh.
9. Please take bath after you deliver but if its too late, take the bath in the early morning so that you will feel refreshed.
10. Deliver in the PRIVATE hospital.

Haha. The last point I need it so much. I need someone to take care of the baby while I recovering.

Okay, till then. Assalamualaikum.


Weight Gain Again

>>  11 November 2014

I was 80 kg when I gave birth. Gulp. Then I lose some weight down until I was 58 kg. I believe it was due to my confinement lifestyle. I didn't eat a lot, no ice and less oil and sugar. After I finished my confinement days, I started eating oily foods and sugary drinks. And when my daughter reached 7 months, I started drinking ice. Now, every now and then I drink ice like 2 to 3 times a week.

The result?

I have a belly. A lot of stomach fat. And now my weight is 60 kg (which I measured 1 month ago with and I am not sure whether the scale was not broken, sigh).

I think right now my stage is very critical. If I'm still wearing tight outfit like before, people will think I am 4 months pregnant! Yes, I am not lying. Back when I was studying in Uni, my weight was 50 kg. Getting older my weight became 53 kg. And after I got married, since I was too happy being a wife and pampered with love from hubby, I gained my highest weight at 58 kg.

So sad.

So what I'm gonna do now is buy a weight scale. Haha. Yes, I don't have any. Then I also need to start pay attention to what I'm eating.
1. No ice anymore
2. No fried rice/meehun
3. Only 1 scoop of white rice
4. Cheat day 1 day per week
5. Less oily food

I think I have Malay stomach so I cant exclude rice from my everyday meal.


So how about exercise?

Not for now. I never exercise (I did try exercise before but only last for 1 week), so I don't think I will do it.


My casing supposed to have 2 ears but my daughter ate one of it

Lets become healthy together.

Till then, Assalamualaikum.


Looking for Microwave Stand

>>  06 November 2014

Currently I'm living in a rental apartment  and unfortunately there is no built in kitchen cabinet that comes with it. So we have to be creative in storing our stuff and make sure furniture we bought can be used to its optimum.

So far we put our stuff like kitchen equipment, rice, pots and cleaning stuff on Hyllis rack by Ikea. The rack is made from galvanized steel and is not so sturdy. So we don't put big equipment on it. We put this rack in the laundry room next to the kitchen. And we have two of this rack. Our laundry room is quite big. My fridge and washing machine are also here.

We also have two cabinets to put our glass hob and also stores our foods and serveware. One of which we bought from furniture shop and the other one is Expedit from Ikea. We also use the Expedit as our kitchen counter to do chopping work.

The problem is we just bought a new microwave last 2 weeks and there is no space for it. So since I don't have any work now, I'm looking for one from the net. And of course, my favourite website will be Ikea.

The most important thing I look at is the measurement. I don't want it to be too big since I will put it near the door so the passage to the door shouldn't be interrupted. It also need it to fit the microwave depth.

So here is my choice:

From google

From google

I love this. Kallax. The measurement is just nice for my microwave and the look is very simple. It just that I already have Expedit (previous design for Kallax) in my kitchen and the location which I want to put the microwave stand is next to my sink. The material for Kallax is not water proof. So we thought why not add some leg. Bam! Yes, adding leg to it should help reduce the splash of water problem. Hihi.

I also found a few interesting microwave stands from the net.

This one is from Ikea too but quite small for my microwave and it has castor below. So I don't think its child friendly 
This guy turned two benches into one. Awesome. 
2 Lack coffee tables converted into kitchen cart
I haven't bought mine yet. I hope my husband wont change his mind. Hihi. I might share how my rental kitchen looks like soon.

Till then, Assalamualaikum.


End of Working in Here

>>  05 November 2014

Yup, I will end my working period in my current company. The reason? Because this company is closing. Tsk. tsk. But the good news is I already got other job which is much better (I hope) and of course higher salary. And the location of the new company is still close to my house. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah s.w.t. for making everything easy for me.

I stay at my current company for almost 2 years and 10 months. I was from semiconductor industry previously and with zero experience, my boss accepted me to work in the company and Alhamdulillah I must say I've gained a lot of knowledge in the safety field.  Working in this company have taught me about being a better human too. My boss is a very good boss. He tolerated with the employee a lot of things. He always put himself in our shoes. So its easier, if we had anything we could just come to him and spoke our mind. For me, this is a good example of a good boss. But still we respected him and of course there is boundary between boss and employee.

But the good thing is, he still gonna be my boss in my new company. Haha. Yes, I got the new position because of my boss. So I guess not much gonna change in the new company. I still report to the same person. I believe it will be easier too because if anything I can just ask my boss.

Working in my current company was not much stress. I go to work on time and go back home on time. Before I got pregnant, I also went travel to client's office too. But over the time I think things got so easy and sometimes I felt bored. So I hope moving to a new company can present me with new challenge and the excitement in safety field can be felt again. Amin.

Good bye.



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