The Diet Journey Begins

>>  16 November 2015

Just last week someone in my office said that I'm gaining weight and that she could see my double chin clearly. And she was right. For the past 1 month, I'd been eating rice (heavy) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Why? Because that one night suddenly I was so dizzy that I couldn't even stand. It was due to the gastric problem I had. I didn't take care of what I ate. Sigh.

Since she said that, I promised myself I can't let my body keep gaining weight. It is very unhealthy and scary at the same time. So I plan this meal today.

Breakfast - rice (very small portion) + egg (1) + salad (1) [I used to eat nasi lemak, nasi goreng etc.]

The result? I ate my breakfast at 700am and by the time I reached office at 845am, I was already hungry. Sigh. But I hold onto what that someone said, she said it will be difficult on the first time because our stomach is already used to big portion of food. So I waited until 930am and grabbed a packed of oat biscuit. I believe in start slow first. On other note, I also need to increase the amount of vegetables I took. Only 1 salad? Haha.

Lunch - wrap + saute chicken + salad + rice (very small portion)

The result? I haven't eat my lunch yet. Haha. But you can see I have to add rice into my meal because my body is so used to having rice. I'm scared I will get dizzy if I don't. I just reduce the portion. I hope it will work. Hehe.

Dinner - chicken + brocoli + carrot

I don't want to eat rice for dinner.

My husband said if I want to lose weight, I also need to exercise. Controlling my diet can just maintain my weight. So I am so determined to cycle and burn that calorie.

Husband bought this for almost two months ago and I just used it twice. TWICE!

Hehe. Okay.

That's all.

Bye! Assalamualaikum.


My Breastfeeding Journey

>>  13 November 2015

Aisyah will be 2 years old this coming 26 Nov 2015. I started breastfeeding her just after I got out from the labor room, it felt amazing and weird at the same time.

Then the night after labor, I kept on breastfeeding her every 4 hours. But after we came back to my mom's house (where I had my confinement days), she kept on crying and sucking my milk like my milk was not enough. She was also crying like mad. To think back, I think there was "something" at my mom's house who disturbed her. Since we couldn't stop her from crying, we went to hospital and she was admitted into NICU for 2 days. During the 2 days, she drank formula milk. I just came during lunch and at evening to breastfeed her.

After she came back home, it was quite a struggle to breastfeed her. We (my husband and I) couldn't find the right position and we were wondering whether she drank enough. Then the nurse came and said she still had jaundice. OMG. We definitely need to make sure she drank ENOUGH milk. So I alternated between direct breastfeeding and bottle fed her. The jaundice reduced to safety level just before she reached 14 days old. Alhamdulillah.

I must say we struggled for almost 1 month just to ensure she latched properly. I believed sometimes she had that nipple confusion too. To be truth, there were times that I almost gave up breastfeeding. Seem like she didn't had enough milk, had trouble finding my nipple, she threw up many times, and that nipple crack and sore. All that lead to frustration and tension. I need to give credit to my husband here because he was really supportive, he googled how to latch properly, help me bottle fed her while I pumped my milk and a lot more. I really appreciate what he did. Thanks sayang.

My mom also kept saying I need to gave her bottle so that she can accept bottle when I started working. So at night I direct fed her but during the day I bottle fed her so that she will get used to it. But soon nearing to the end of my maternity leave, she suddenly rejected bottle. She didn't want bottle at all. Oh my goodness, its like my effort of pumping and bottle fed her before was nothing. Seriously it was tiring practicing giving her bottle because I need to pump, bottle fed her and washed all the bottles. Salute to all EP mom out there. So I guessed for the second baby, I don't want to practice giving bottle to my baby. Let it all come naturally. Haha.

Soon afterwards she can accept drinking milk from bottle because we kept on bottle fed her. Alhamdulillah.

throwback Aisyah when she was 5 months old
Before I started working, I tried to produce some stock of milk. I think my stock was around 80 oz before I started working. How I produced the stock? After I direct fed Aisyah, I will pump. My yield was only 1 oz/pump but I never gave up. Better small than nothing.

At the office, I pumped for three times a day. My schedule was at 10.30am, 1.30pm and 430pm.  It was only recently like when Aisyah was 22 months old, I reduce my pumping frequency to 2 times a day and when she was 23 months old, I stopped pumping. But she still breastfeeding at night. I know for sure it will be difficult to wean her off. I don't want to push it too. I want it to happen naturally, maybe some motivation words to her like saying:

" Bila Aisyah dah 2 tahun, Aisyah dah tak bole nenen, kalau sikit2 je boleh"

I noticed nowadays she didn't asked for nenen as much as before. Alhamdulillah.

Since she started eating, she didn't drink a lot of milk anymore. She used to drink 4 bottles x 4 oz per day during the day, then reduced to 3 bottles x 4 oz, then 2 bottles x 4 oz and  sometimes 1 bottle x 4 oz. It kept decreasing based on her need because she eats quite a lot.

There were times when I couldn't produce milk based on her demand, it happens when she reached 20 months, So I tried giving her formula milk but she rejected it. Then my supply increased back and I can catch up to her demand again. Since now I don't pump anymore, she drinks formula milk during the day.

May Allah ease our journey.

Till then, Assalamualaikum.


Getting Big

>>  12 November 2015

Haha. The tittle sounds like I have a business and its getting big, but nope! It's me who is getting bigger and fatter each day. Just this morning the tea lady said to me;

" Saya rasa awak makin berisi" while showing my chin (my eheemm double chin (T_T))

I thought she gonna stop at there, but then she continued scaring me by saying if you keep gaining weight, it will be very difficult to lose. She even asked me to stop eating rice at night. Wow. And continued with a lot of advice.

I actually not offended by what she said. Because they were all true and she said it with the right tone. Haha.

It just I have gastric and I don't have the gut to stop eating rice altogether. Maybe I should cut the portion a bit? I guess I should because I'm so scared if I get so fat. Or maybe rice in the morning, sandwich for afternoon and mee for night?

I will give it a try starting today (^_^).

Last but not least, me with some Perfect365 apps picture editor.


Life Update

>>  11 November 2015

Its been a habit now writing only one post to update on what's going on with my life now. No more lengthy explanation on my experience. Hihi. Oops.

There were a lot of changes in our life this year. Such as we used to go for short holiday every 6 months i.e. on June and December but its not gonna happen this December since we will encounter quite a big crisis. Gulp.

Last June we went for holiday in Legoland but I think it was quite a big mistake. We purchased our ticket to Legoland Theme Park + Legoland Water Park + Hotel from groupon. We saved some money by purchasing the ticket, yes, but both Theme Park and Water park was on the same day. Sigh. And to top it off, the water park was closed for about an hour when we want to enter it due to some weather issue like lightning and thunder. Talk about wasting money and time. Ooops and Aisyah was not really well too that day.

Such a bad time and no luck.

That's the reason why I didn't write a lengthy post on it. Haha. Valid excuse okay!

ok, here one picture haha

Okay back to the crisis, as you all know, oil price is like half it SHOULD these days. And I as a consultant who depend on project from oil and gas company really affected by it. By really really really affected. Some of my colleagues were laid off last two months and I was safe. But I think very soon it will be my turn. It is important nowadays to assume worst case scenario, in this case ; I will be laid off too. So that's the reason we can't go for holiday this December. We need to save money for my future unemployment months. Sigh.

In fact we were planning to travel to Korea next February. It was one click away for me to buy the plane ticket. But thank goodness, I didn't click the next button because it is not reasonable to go for holiday in our future situation (haha, sounds so wrong here).

We also plan for second baby next year since I will be 29 years old next year. We can't afford to postpone the plan to another year because then the gap between my first child Aisyah and the second one will be too far. So I guess we need to prioritize this one. As usual having another child need money too. Baby stuffs and hospital bill. I know rezeki will come together but we still have to allocate some money for it. You know, effort and tawakkal. Hehe.

Okay, that's all for now.



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