Aisyah First Visit to Zoo

>>  22 January 2015

We brought Aisyah to Zoo Negara last month. Initially we planned to bring Aisyah to zoo when she can walk. But we just cant wait to see her reaction when she see animal, so we bring her and just put her in the stroller. We don't own any forward facing soft structured baby carrier, so stroller was our best option.

Back then before we got married, we always went to zoo. I'm just that type of girl, I like going to zoo and museum. I've been to zoo in Melaka and Taiping. I also have visited KL Bird Park. That day we went quite early, it was around 8 am from our house, had our breakfast at nearest Mamak and reached zoo around 9 am.

That day, I think got company event at the Zoo. Treasure hunt I guess? Not sure. But that place was full with people with green shirt. It was Syabas company event if I am not mistaken.

So we entered the zoo and was ushered to photobooth. They captured two picture of us and that's it, we were ready to explore the zoo. My husband was so innocent. He thought that pictures were free. When exited, there's photo shop where we can select our picture and they will print it for us. My husband thought it was free. Haha.

We went to the left side from the Zoo entrance first. Oh yes, for the ticket we can choose whether to see Panda or not. We didn't choose to see Panda since we need to add RM20 for each ticket. It was quite expensive. RM20 just for Panda? Nope. There's plenty of interesting animal in the zoo other than Panda.

Ok time for pictures.

Ayah, Aisyah and deer

Aisyah posing so well with elephants

Mama, see that big tortoise. Actually the tortoise was a lot bigger than Aisyah. This picture don't do justice.

Is it kangaroo? Not sure hihi

Finally picture with mama
Suddenly got work to do. Can't write lengthy blog post. Bye people. Assalamualaikum.

Ooops before I really go, there were a lot of mosquitoes there. So don't forget to bring mosquitoes patch if you bring your baby. Mosquitoes bites left marks which are so difficult to go away. We were lucky because we had balance of mosquitoes patch from our reunion in Desa Balqis.

Okey a real goodbye.



Life in 2015

>>  06 January 2015

If you read my two previous posts, you will understand my routine is quite tight. I have no time to watch TV like I used to. I mean I do watch TV, but only a bit of it. Before this, I watched one show from the beginning until the end. I wonder how mom of three is doing it. There's a lot of work you know. I don't even cook but I still feel tired. Seriously no time to cook if you come back to house at 7pm. But I do believe there is mom out there who still cook even arrive at home at 7. Kudos to that mom!

My husband has been wonderful these days. After I started working with the new company, he has been helping me washing my daughter's bottle, he also hang the washed clothes and take care of my daughter while I do other house chores. I feel so grateful to have him in my life. Alhamdulillah. Two of my new year resolution are because of my husband. Previously I always complain and asked him to be quick in doing his task. How impatience I was. So we discussed and the conclusion is I need to be more positive and patience. That are my main goal this year. I want to be someone who is positive,and radiate positivity to other people. I also want to be more patience. Insyaallah.

I also want to excel in my job this year. I hope I can be a good engineer and catch up quickly to a lot of new things that I need to learn. I am currently a HSE Engineer so my work is mainly doing Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) and Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazard Report (CIMAH). Since working with the new company, I also need to learn doing other formal safety assessment and proposal. Amin, insyaallah I can quickly learn all these. 

Other than that, I also want to save more money in the bank. It really was difficult for me before since the commitment was almost 70% of my income. So the remaining balance was just enough for my daily meal and petrol. But after getting this new job, alhamdulillah I believe I am able to save quite a lot in the saving account. But still, need to control my lust in buying clothes. Ooops hihi. 

Last but not least, I also want to closely monitoring my baby's development. I don't think I've been monitoring her development. She is now 1 year 1 month and 1 week old. Haha. But she still can't walk. I think she is scared because she can walk from one end of sofa to another end. We definitely need to train her to walk. Hihi.

Ok till then. Assalamulaikum. 


2015 New Year Resolution

>>  05 January 2015

It's 2015 already. 10 years ago I was still a student waiting for her SPM result. Now I am 28 years old already. But I guess if it isn't the big 3-0, you won't get so nervous. Because if you are 30 years old, then people will ask what have you achieve? Its 2 years from now, I might as well prepare NOW.

So here it is the list of my 2015 resolution:

1. Read Quran after prayer at home.
2. Perform solat tahajjud whenever I can.
3. Perform solat dhuha during weekend or public holiday.
4. Perform solat on time.
5. Register Hajj.
6. Be more positive.
7. Be more patience.
8. Have less expectation.
9. Wake up early
10. Lose 10 kg (5 kg in 3 months)
11. Cook 1 new recipe every week
12. Take better care of myself (grooming/ supplement)
13. Treat my gastric problem
14. Create good relationship with people
15. Save more money in the bank

Such a long list, I guess its easier to be said than to be done. Insyaallah.

Till then. Assalamualaikum.


My New Routine

>>  23 December 2014

It is almost one month since I'm working with the new company. This time I'm working with bigger company compared to before. A lot of things have changed especially in administration part. Now I have timesheet system, department meeting, annual dinner and a lot more. I also meet many types of people. It is a very good opportunity to work here I must say. Okay enough with the introduction.

In this post, I just want to share how my routine has changed after I got this job. And of course, also the fact that my daughter is now a toddler. She just turned one on 26th November 2014. So she is very curious of things that happening around her, throw tantrum if we don't give her what she wants and  is very clingy to me. Apparently, separation anxiety is what happening to her. So kesian.

So below is my routine or maybe I can say my dream routine. Sometimes, it totally different from this. I guess with 1 year old toddler we just can't plan.

615am - Wakes up, pray, read Quran
625am - Prepare my daughter's stuff (i.e. heat up her food, pack her lunch bag, pack her milk, pack my pump and storage bottle)
640am - Drink oat+milk
645am - Take bath
655am - Breastfeed my daughter
710am - Get dressed
725am - Go out from the house
735am - Send my daughter to babysitter's house and drive off to work


530pm - Rush back home
630pm - Pick up my daughter at babysitter's house
640pm - Reach home, turn on the TV for my daughter so she will be distracted while I'm doing some work, take out everything from my daughter's beg (dirty clothes into the washing machine, lunch bag and milk), take out frozen chicken from freezer
650pm - Breastfeed my daughter
705pm - Take bath, pray, read Quran
730pm - On the washing machine, pack my daughter's clothes to nursery
745pm - Prepare item for my daughter's lunch
750pm - Dinner time for my daughter (usually she will take 0.5 hour to finish her food)
800pm - Cook my daughter's lunch for tomorrow (while I cook, I feed her dinner too. And her food is usually porridge)
830pm - Done cooking. Let the food get cold a bit. Play with my daughter.
900pm - Stores my daughter's lunch in the fridge and wash the pot. My husband comes home and bring dinner.
915pm - Bring my daughter to sleep
1015pm - Yey she finally sleep. Iron clothes for tomorrow and fold the clothes
1115pm - Pray and go to sleep

My husband washes my daughter's bottle and hang the washed clothes. Even he helps me a bit, I still feel so tired at the end of the day. So usually while I put my daughter to sleep, I sleep too.

I always wonder what happens if I have more kids? Only Allah knows. (T_T)

I think I am so lucky to have my husband helping me with some chores. But sometimes, he will make mess in the house too. He likes to put things everywhere. They are such an eyesore and can really make me explode. Sigh.

I hope everyday will be better than yesterday. I also hope I don't get tension so easily and loss my cool. Yesterday I scolded my daughter because she kept moving while i changed her diaper. After I scolded her, she didn't move. Looks like she already understand. I really need to be careful with my action after this. I feel so regret of what happen yesterday (T_T).

O Allah, please easy my journey.

Till then, Assalamualaikum


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