Coughing Badly

>>  03 September 2015

I have sore throat for more than a week now. I also got flu which already went away but left me with cough for almost 6 days. My coughing is quite bad, I even threw up my food. I know weather is quite bad now, haze in Peninsular Malaysia is getting higher. I guess that is one of the reason.

I tried strepsils, honey but nothing worked. So I went to see doctor and she prescribed me with herbal cough syrup Trivisil. She said it safe for breastfeeding and won't make me feel sleepy. So she said. After I took the medicine, I felt so sleepy. Very very sleepy. I couldn't do any work. But still the cough is not cured. I still coughing every 3 minutes.

However surprisingly whenever I'm in the office, the coughing does reduce significantly. I've been wondering why that happen. Is the weather inside the office is much better? Less dust? Nope, I'm not busy in the office, in fact I'm so free. No work at all. Yeah, blame the oil price.

On other note, we will  clean our air-conditioner soon. I can see its quite full of dust. Maybe it is one of the reason too.

For my cough, I guess I will just wait for it to cure naturally. Haha.

Aisyah throwback during Raya
Till then, Assalamualaikum.



>>  27 August 2015

A little update about my life.

We booked an apartment last year and paid a booking deposit of RM2000. I even shared here how the house looks like. However until now, the progress of the house just stop because the developer are waiting for their loan to be approved. Its been more than 6 months. So I guess we can't really depend on that house anymore.

So we searched for another house and found one in Rawang. Gulp! I know quite far from the city centre. I wasn't too keen on the house at first. There was doubt about the location being too far (for me). But my husband love the neighborhood  of the house. Ooops, this house is not yet ready, expected to be finished 2 years from now. Since my husband love it, I just followed him and agreed. It is a two-storey terrace house. Yes, its landed! Kinda happy for that. No more having problem of carrying the groceries into the house like now.

So we already signed the Sales and Purchase Agreement last Friday. Thank goodness. It wasn't like the first house, paid the deposit and went silent. Haha.

Okay, on Aisyah. She's grow up quite fast now. She can say a lot of words, very sulky, like attention and like to sing her own song (which of course we don't understand) but love to watch. We are planning for number two next year. Nope, I'm not pregnant yet. Just planning. Hehe.

Having said that, I think we need a bigger car. Now, we use Myvi and with baby stuff, I think it is quite packed. So really hope we will have the chance to buy a bigger car. I don't really mind which car. Just recently I saw Honda launched Honda BR-V, the capacity of the car and the price really intrigue me. But I doubt the price will be that low. Hopefully I am wrong. (^_^)

Okay, till then.



Raya Celebration 2015

>>  23 July 2015

I'm at work now. So I will just write my post very briefly.

This year Raya we went back to Johor first. We had our last day of break fast in Ayer Baloi, Johor, asked forgiveness (salam) on the first day of Raya. We ate variety of food like lemang, ketupat, lontong and rendang. In the afternoon around 2pm, we went to our relative's houses in Johor Bahru, there were total of 5 houses that day. We went back to our homestay around 10pm. Phew. Thank goodness we went back to our homestay in the afternoon to freshen up a bit before continuing with our Raya journey.

Ooops Aisyah had high fever three days before Raya and she still had it on the first day of Raya. Her highest temperature was 40 deg C. We kept sponging her. Doctor said the fever was due to the ulcer at her throat. She didn't want to eat or drink. We had to force her to drink. I think our biggest mistake was we didn't find the solution for the not eat part. She had empty stomach and we still gave her paracetamol. She ended up had stomachache on the night of Raya and could only sleep at 4am. So the next day, my husband suggested we gave her mashed potato and she ate! I think because mashed potato texture is so smooth, so it was easier for her to swallow it. We also gave her ice cream, our cousin said it could help soothe the ulcer a bit. Well it did! The night of the first raya, she started to recover and played with us a bit. Alhamdulillah.

On the second day of Raya we still celebrated it in Johor. Like a tradition, we visited our relatives in Pontian, had our awesome breakfast there. My husband's aunt served the guests like a hotel buffet. I really appreciated it. Thank you thank you. Then we went to another relative's house for lunch where she served the guests with nasi minyak. So happy with the Raya food. Hehe. That night we had BBQ with panoramic view of fireworks before heading back to Subang.

We slept at Subang before heading back to Perak the next day. We washed our clothes and sorted our stuff.  Just to rejuvenate ourself a bit.

After breakfast at KFC, we headed back to Perak. It was a bit jammed. There were a lot of cars. Thanks husband for driving throughout this Raya season. He had red eye due to tiredness according to doctor and was given 2 days MC. Poor husband.

My mom cooked laksa Johor that day. I was craving for laksa since Ramadhan. So after we arrived mom's house, I quickly went to the kitchen and ate laksa Johor like there's no tomorrow. There were total of 4 plates of laksa Johor I ate that day. Hahaha.

The next day we went back to kampung at Manong, Perak mainly to visit my grandfather who was sick. His condition was quite bad. He had mild fever, couldn't talk properly, didn't want to eat, just lying down and his hand was shaky. My mom looked so sad seeing my grandfather like that. I too feel sad. Last time I visited him, he was far from that condition. There's a lot of things going through my mind that time. Allahuakbar. May Allah ease his journey, Amin.

We went back to Subang the next day. We knew it gonna be quite jam if we travel in the evening. So we chose to travel in the afternoon. Alhamdulillah we managed to avoid the jam.

Ok that's all for my Raya.

Ooops here some pictures.

1st day of Raya

2nd day of Raya

2nd day of Raya

3rd day of Raya

4th day of Raya

Last but not least, haha!

Till then, Assalamualaikum.


Raya Preparation

>>  03 July 2015

Hi all,

So now we are in the midst of fasting month, I believe everyone is quite busy with Syawal preparation too. Same like the previous years, my family will have 4 raya outfits . Our theme this year for the first day of Syawal is Teal. The other themes are White, Yellow and Navy Blue. I already bought mine. Two of it I bought the fabrics and send to tailor, but I kinda dissatisfied with the final outcome from one of them. So I bought a new one from Zalora, which I just receive it yesterday. The other two I just bought it online. I think its quite difficult to buy clothes offline these days. Haha.

Aisyah only left with one more outfit - her navy blue. Last Syawal, we also bought pants for her but this time around we just want to buy dresses for her. I like it when she's wearing dress. Look so cute and girlish. While for my husband, he still has 3 more outfits to buy. He is a big fan of UNIQLO brand because the cutting of UNIQLO shirt is quite small, so I guess he will just get them there.

As for kuih raya, we don't buy any kuih raya for our house. Except maybe one or two for our parents. Last year, we only receive one visit to our house during raya. So I guess it will be the same like last year. So kuih raya is off the list. Can save some money here. Hehe.

Last but not least is the green packet. This year we will prepare them quite early because previous years, everything was so last minute. This year we will change the money early and pack it in the green packet before headed back to our hometown for Syawal celebration.

Ooops before I forget, I already bought my shoes too. Finding the right shoes for me was always difficult so this time around I bought it early. Same goes for all my hijab too. Hehe.

Another thing I think is the car. The car almost reach its milestone service limit. Might need to book for our service appointment next week before Syawal week. Sigh.

Okay, no pictures hehe.

Till then, Assalamualaikum.


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