Covering Your Aurah

>>  23 October 2014

It was last Ramadhan when it happened. I prayed to Allah with the hope I can cover my aurah completely and Alhamdulillah Allah s.w.t granted it. It happened when that morning I felt so incomplete, so lost like something was missing. And with the case of Palestinian in Palestine made me felt so scared. Anytime Allah s.w.t can take my life and when it happens, am I ready to die?

So I decided to cover my aurah completely. Yes, before this I wore hijab too but I wore tight clothes as well. Skinny jeans, figure hugging blouse and transparent hijab. I asked my husband what he thinks of it and he supported me. He said, he is happier if I cover my aurah and asked me to go for it.

So the next day, I wore loose clothes and then slowly wore handsock and sock.

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for opening my heart to hijrah.

But of course by covering my aurah, I also need to change into being a better muslim. So I slowly read more Al-Quran, read the translation to get better understanding of Islam, perform solat earlier (Subuh is so difficult (T_T)), perform Dhuha, have good relationships with human (husband especially), and a lot more.

Having said that, its not easy to istiqamah. Everyday is a struggle for me. I really hope I can be a better a muslim and of course ready to be taken by Allah anytime. Amin.

Goodbye, Assalamualaikum.


Aisyah's Nursing Strike

>>  16 October 2014

Nursing strike can happen for many reason. Oh in case you don't know, nursing strike is when your baby refuses to direct latch or better word to explain, refuse to drink from your boobs. Sigh.

Aisyah is in the midst of nursing strike now. She got fever 5 days ago, she direct latch from me but only in small quantity. However once her fever was over the next day, she slowly started to refuse direct latch. She only drink once from me. So we gave her bottle. And the following day it got worst, she didn't want to direct latch at all. At all!

Her mood was so terrible. She got problem to go to sleep too because usually she slept while nursing. I guess she was frustrated too because  she couldn't drink from me. When she felt sleepy, she will scream and crying until her face went red. So I need to carry her around the house until she slept. Just like the old time when she was just born. But more challenging since she is now 8.6 kg. She also didn't want her dad to carry her. She only wanted me. ME.


I know, so challenging.

She also woke up at night to drink but since she couldn't direct latch, she felt so frustrated and cried loudly. It was so easy before, I just had to open my blouse and nurse her. Now my husband also need to wake up to warm the milk while I calmed her down. Yes, nursing strike causes stress to the whole household.

We were quite panic, we thought of bringing her to the pediatrician but on the way to pediatrician, she suddenly wanted to drink! OMG! I truly felt like a miracle there. I guess it is true nursing strike baby will drink if in moving car. When I came home that day, I tried to nursing her, she seemed unwillingly but still drank it. After 5 minutes, she started to feel restless and seem mad? Wuu. So I tried to give her my other boob. Again, she seemed unwilling. So I make sure the milk flowed first and gave her again. Yey she wanted it. This time around she drank the milk for about 10 minutes. Alhamdulillah.

That night I tried to nurse her again. But she didn't want at all. She even turned her face to the other side. Erk. So much hate for nenen?

So today, I can no longer take it. I brought her to the clinic near my house. Apparently she has ulcer but it is very small. The doctor said she is recovering and gave to me a medicine called Prelone Syrup which can reduce the inflammation. She also advised me to always give her nenen but never force. If the baby doesn't want, its okay but never give up.

I felt a bit relieve now knowing what was the reason she didn't want to nurse from me.

Kindly understand the act of drinking from bottle and direct latch from mom is very different. Baby need to work harder when drinking from mom. This is to help strengthen baby's jaw.

I really hope once her ulcer gone, she will want to drink from me like usual before. I really miss my baby, the second day she didn't want direct latch from me, I felt a bit like loss of attachment. It felt so terrible. Sigh.

Frozen dress gift from Nenek. She likes to dance now. So cute. Hee.

Her favorite show, Hi-5.
Okay till then, Assalamualaikum.


Spotlight Visit

>>  01 October 2014

We went to Spotlight in Ampang Point last two weeks. We didn't plan to buy anything, just wanted to feast our eyes. My opinion? It is a heaven for household fabrics! It has a lot of other things too but for me, that was the most interesting item. The fabrics were so wonderful, fabrics which I didn't see in other fabric store, fabrics which I only saw in Pinterest!


Here, feast your eyes with these pictures.

Lovely material for curtain. I love this a lot.

But our house later has minimalist and industrial theme in it, so I guess this will be more suitable.

They got plenty of fabrics for upholstery. I always like this kind of fabric for sofa, I hope we can put this type of fabric in our living room later, maybe for footstool perhaps?

I love mint green. This will be perfect for our daughter's room.

And this fabric for curtain as well. Cute and simple!

They also have word art. If we visit Spotlight again, I will definitely buy the word FAMILY there.

Black and white rug. After 40% off, I guessed the price was quite reasonable.

I always saw this type of rug in house decoration show  and I always wonder where can I find such jute rug in Malaysia. Now I found it, I'm so happy yey! But not sure whether it will be a perfect fit for our house's theme. Hehe. Still long way to go.

This red and beige rug was pretty too. Sigh.

I think Spotlight was quite a fun place to go. In case you want to buy something from the store, please register your name in their website to be part of their VIP member. You will get plenty of discount offered.

So now, what should I buy at Spotlight for our next visit?


Okay till then, Assalamualaikum.



>>  15 September 2014

Recently I encountered a situation where I learnt human's relationship is so fragile. One small thing can actually destroy a relationship or maybe relationships. So it is very important to be careful of how you think, talk or even type. Other than that, I also learn that:

1) Don't take side when there is argument between people around you. Even you mean good, when you take side and blame people, you actually make it worse. Be neutral.

2) Don't be too sensitive when people write or say something. It might not be about you. But if you believe it is, be extra careful with this kind of people.

3) Don't help people too much . Just give help once in a while but suddenly if you have trouble and they don't help, recognize this type of people and stay away. They might just use you when they are in trouble. 

4) Don't give advice to people who are too arrogant to accept advice. When this type of people in trouble, just save your time, no need to give advice. Just let them be, they set the boundary themselves.

5) Don't tell your personal problem with your partner to other people. Other people might spread your story or worst, use it against you. Just keep it personal (unless it is a domestic violence, this one needs help pronto!)

6) Set boundary with people. You don't have to be so close with people. Don't tell people everything and don't be offended when people don't share something with you.

7) People may not like you, it's ok. You don't like everyone too. So don't keep it in the heart. 

8) Learn to be independent. This is very important. I need to learn this too. We never know what gonna happen in the future. So able to be independent is a very good advantage. This is one of the reasons why I want to stay working even I like being a stay at home mom. Working has taught me a lot of things like earning my own money, management skill, communication with many kind of people, social life and spiritual. 

9) People will sometime make you feel down but just assume it is one of those days. It is not life if everyday is a good day. But if people mistreats you, wait 24 hours before you act. 

10) Always treat people nicely. Even people will not always treat you nicely. Because the way you behave is not because of other people but because of yourself. Usually before I sleep, I will review what I did that day. If I did something bad (anything), I will feel terrible and demotivated. So really, at the end its about how you feel about yourself. Do good to feel good.

So what is the conclusion about my post here? It's simple. Do good to people, be careful with people and always think 7 steps ahead when you do something. Nowadays, one step ahead is just not enough.

Good luck, Assalamualaikum.


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