Ramadhan Mubarak

>>  19 June 2015

Yesterday was the first day of Ramadhan. I didn't think I did well yesterday. I was so busy with the thought I need to go back early to avoid the jam. I definitely have to increase my ibadah from today onwards.

Having said that, I did manage avoiding the massive jam, I just went through the usual crawl. In my company, the usual 1 hour lunch has been deducted to half an hour so I am able to go back at 430pm (but of course need to come to work at 8am). So this is how my routine will look like this fasting Ramadhan:

500 am - Sahur
615 am - Solat and prepare to go work
650 am - My husband send daughter to babysitter's house while I get ready
710 am - Drive to work
800 am - Arrive at work

430 pm - Drive back to home
520 pm - Pick up my daughter at babysitter's house
600 pm - Cook rice and vegetables for break fast
726 pm - BREAK FAST

1000pm - SLEEP

After sahur, my stomach will be so full that I need to restrain myself from throwing up. So what I did I will just sit down and took some time for the food and drink to settle down in my stomach. So far, it works. I drink quite a lot of water during sahur since I am still a breastfeeding mom. And of course I always have to eat rice. Also 3 tamar during sahur and 3 tamar during break fast.

Unfortunately, I didn't do terawih. Maybe I should do on my own? Because its kinda impossible for me to go to pray congregation at Surau with my baby. She really likes to walk now, I am scared if while I am praying, she go somewhere else and someone kidnap her. Astaghfirullazim. So I guess doing it on my own is the best option. Hehe.

Ok till then, Assalamualaikum.

We love this kind of picture. I pasted it onto our fridge. Need to collect more pictures like this.



>>  26 May 2015

Remember when I shared a story about my daughter and constipation? She's alright already. We went to see pediatrician and he prescribed a probiotic for her. My daughter consumed probiotic for almost 4 weeks and then she started showing some improvement. My husband and I thought it was due to my food intake too (she is still fully breastfeed) because on the third week, I started consume Qaseh Adinda (its a honey with mix of few things like date, habbatus sauda and a lot more). So I think both supplement help curing my daughter's constipation. Now, Alhamdulillah she pooped almost everyday.

Me, on the other hand still consume Qaseh Adinda. There was one time where I forgot to buy a new Qaseh Adinda and I ran out of stock. So I didn't consume Qaseh for almost 3 days. It was terrible, I experienced constipation and I think mine got hurt a bit down there. After I consumed Qaseh again, it was such a relieve. The constipation just gone. I also drink oat with milk too. Oat is a good source of fiber. So for those with constipation or digestion problem, try drink oat everyday.


Just a quick update.

Bye, till then.



Farm in the City Review

>>  21 May 2015

Last Saturday we went to Farm in the City in Seri Kembangan, Selangor. I thought it would be fun to bring Aisyah there since we can touch the animals. We'd been to Zoo Negara before but that time Aisyah was still small and still couldn't walk. Of course we couldn't touch the animals in the zoo.

We moved from house around 830 am, had our breakfast at the nearest Mamak and arrived at Farm City around 10 am. The sun shone quite intensely at that time. So we bought Aisyah a cap at the Souvenir Shop before the entrance of the Farm in the City. However, once we arrived inside the Farm in the City the pathway was covered. So Aisyah only wore the cap halfway.

Before we bought the ticket, we met with the ostrich first. The ostrich was very near to the visitor. Only the gate separated us from the ostrich.

Ticket price was RM32 (after GST) for adult and free for kids below 100 cm. So we paid RM64 for me and my husband. If you have no cash, they also has debit/credit card machine there. So, no worries.

We started our exploration from the left. We were greeted by the turtles, little turtles they put inside the fence while the big one, they left them outside. The worker gave us some vegetables to feed the turtle. It was kinda amazing to see how the turtles ate the vegetables. Aisyah helped us fed the turtle too but she didn't seem so excited maybe she still tried to get use to the place. The worker also captured our picture and gave us a paper with a number. It was the number of the picture which we can select to print at the exit.

Next stop was the bird area. They left the birds freely in the cage. There weren't a lot of birds and the cage was quite small. But the fun part was the worker put the bird on my husband's hand, let it walked on my husband's arm to his shoulder and licked his sweat at the neck. Haha. It was quite surprising to see the bird licking my husband's sweat. Haha. Apparently the bird likes sweat. Maybe because its salty? Don't know. Hihi.

Then we went to deer and goat place . Before that we walked through snake area. I think the cage for the snake was not really safe. There were even snakes on top of us (separated by glass of course). We just walked through this area since I was quite scared. Haha.

At the deer and goat place, we could touch the deer and feed the goat. Aisyah was so brave, she touched the deer so many times. She also fed the goat, so brave my daughter. I didn't remember where we went afterwards. I think maybe the rabbit place? They put the rabbit freely inside the rabbit area. So we could go around and play with the rabbit. Aisyah was quite scared at first but she still brave herself to touch a few of the rabbits.

The we entered another cage. There's few animal inside this cage. One of it was little monkey. There were two of the little monkeys. Me and my husband thought the monkeys were quite cute and approachable.

Next stop was a big covered area where they put few animals under it like chicks, ostrich egg, snakes, turtles, one hairy animal which we didn't know what animal was it and a few more. We gave a chick to Aisyah and she wanted to squeeze it. My husband cancelled giving the chick to her and put the chick back into its house. (-_-) . About the ostrich egg, apparently it can withstand 90 kg of adult weight but if it being thrown away, it can break. So magical.

So that's it, our exploration with animals.

Oh yes, there's also pony ride. TIPS, if you plan to ride the poney, don't forget to buy the ticket at the counter. Only RM7. We didn't know about this, so we didn't buy the ticket. I think it will be fun. Another TIPS, I don't think stroller is convenient in there. So try to use carrier instead.

Alright, time for pictures.

Till then, Assalamualaikum.


Friday Rambling

>>  15 May 2015

Fasting month, Ramadhan is coming in 1 month. Have you qada' your missing fasting day yet? I don't, I have 3 days more. Today, Friday I push myself to fast too. It's a bit hard because yesterday I was fasting too and also because I have gastric and still breastfeed my baby.

Back when I was single, I didn't even had to sahur (eat before Subuh prayer time). But now, I just can't. I have to eat rice and drink milk. Aging is catching up on me, gulp.

Having said that, I just can't wait for Ramadhan. Last year Ramadhan, I decided to fully cover my aurat (you know, wear socks and loose fitting outfit). I hope this year Allah will grant my wish to be a better muslim and also be able to go to terawih (well I don't think I can since I have a toddler but who knows right).

Since I didn't update my blog for quite some time, here a bit of update about me.

I've been quite busy with work, we just have a new software. So its been quite a learning process and I kinda enjoying it. Aisyah has been wonderful, she learns a lot of new things and making a lot of faces. Whenever I think of Aisyah and my husband, I feel very blessed and really I just don't wish for anything else.

I also tried a new skincare last 2 weeks and it was so terrible. My face became so dry, got rash, redness and even peeled a lot. It was quite stressful since I need to go to work. I really avoided talking to people and of course avoided the sun. I was suppose stop using it when my skin became dry but due to the review and also from the owner of the skincare's advice, I continued using it for about 1 week and half. Urgghh, what a mistake. My skin is still recovering now. I was thinking to seek consultation from the doctor but after 3 days using my old cleanser and moisturiser, it got a lot better so I cancelled my intention to see the doctor. Alhamdulillah, it got better. I hope no one will try like me, stop using any harsh product on your face. Even your skin get better after using harsh skincare, trust me it won't be for long. Once you stop, your skin will become even worst than before.

Okay till then,



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