Our Bedroom

>> 09 April 2014

I'm still renting right now and with new commitment as parent, we don't think we can afford to buy our own house very soon. So we are still living in our first apartment. Small but enough.

Our room, the master bedroom even it is the largest room in the house, it is still crowded. And with Aisyah's presence, the room become much smaller. Not that I'm complaining, I still feel content that we have a house to live in. Alhamdulillah.

Aisyah was in her dreamland. So cute.

Quite compact right? Worry not, we still have space to pray at the carpet area. We seldom put Aisyah's rocker in the room. 

Previously before Aisyah was born, we put laundry basket at the chest of drawer area there and clothes hanger at the cot area. Now, we just put our towel at the back of the door and changed our laundry basket into smaller one and fit it behind the door. So this room still serves its old purpose but with additional purpose. 

I put all Aisyah's clothes and stuff like her towels, blankets, handkerchief and toys inside the chest of drawer. We bought the chest of drawer from IKEA at RM299. We purposely chose white so that it can camouflage like the wall and doesn't make the view crowded. So as the curtain. Haha. Above the chest of drawer, I only put lamp and Aisyah's essential to bath and change diapers. Not too keen on putting a lot of thing so open.

All our clothes (me and husband) fit in the wardrobe there. I don't hang our clothes. I just fold them neatly to save space. And also my husband's clothes are not that much so that explain why both our clothes can fit in there. Hehe. 

Our bedroom set also came with dressing table. Since this dressing table provides the rack to arrange our stuff, so I just use it but sometimes I did feel its a bit eyesore to left our stuff open like that. But what to do, the rack also quite convenient in helping us reaching to our stuff in the morning. I also put wall clock on top of the dressing table. The reason is my husband doesn't want to drill the wall. That's explain why our wall is so naked without any picture or anything. 

I guess I need to find a way to brighten up our wall. 


Okay till then, Assalamualaikum.


My Baby Got Fever

>> 04 April 2014

Aisyah got fever yesterday. She woke up with more than usual of eye boogie on her left eye. So me and my husband inspected her eyes. The left eye already got red a bit and the right eye became slightly watery. While stroking her hair, I suggested to my husband to check Aisyah's temperature. He checked it and it was 37.5 degree c. Based on our past experience, our thermometer is not that accurate for at least 3 decimal point. So 37.5 degree c can actually mean 37.8 deg c. So we quickly decided to bring her to the clinic.

It was true, the doctor checked and her temperature was 37.8 to 38 deg c. She definitely got fever. And also eye sore. Sigh. Oh by the way, Aisyah also got flue for almost 2 months already. We felt so helpless on that. Nothing can cure her flue.

So I was on nursing mode yesterday. I applied Emergency Leave and stayed at home to take care of Aisyah.

Here my baby with her coolfever
The doctor asked us to change her cloth into something airy, 2 pieces-cloth and short sleeve. So that the body heat does not stuck in her body. So I let her wore this type of cloth.

Even she was down with fever, she behaved quite well. She wasn't cranky, in fact she was so happy. She giggled when I played with her, laughing. So happy like no fever. Maybe she was happy because I stayed at home? Hehe.

Here I want to share some tips when your baby or your loved one got fever.

1st tip - Prepare a command center to store everything you need in taking care of the sick person.

Mine is as simple as this. Inside the clear box, I put thermometer, medicine, vicks, noise cleaner and syringe (which I stored inside the pink-covered container). While towel to sponge my little one I put inside the red container since it was wet. It was so convenient to have this command center beside me and my little one yesterday. I didn't need to get them back and forth when needed. I can quickly gave her the medicine when it was the time and I also saved some time to watch her.

2nd tip - Put bib on your little one when you want to give her medicine.

Usually baby doesn't like drinking medicine because admit it, even to us, medicine doesn't taste that nice. So chances that she will throw up the medicine is so high. To be safe and save your time to change her cloth, please put bib on your little one before giving her the medicine. It saves the hassle of changing cloth.

Okay that's all for the tip. Hehe.

Aisyah's temperature dropped to 36.5 deg c around 5.00 pm yesterday and her eyes also got better. Alhamdulillah. She managed to recover from her fever so quick. Good job sayang.

Ok till then people.



My Sister Wedding

>> 25 March 2014

My lil sister just got married last Saturday. It was a simple wedding with most of the preparation were last minute. She is so lucky to have 3 big sisters and a devoted mom who help her throughout the wedding. It was a bit chaos the day before. By the way, she is still studying so the in the beginning the idea of her getting married was so unacceptable. I really really hope there's nothing coming through and obstructing her study.

So a little bit about the last minute preparation.

She actually bought a princess cut dress for the day (means she planned to only wear one outfit) from online facebook friend. This friend however only delivered the dress one week before the wedding day and her craftsmanship was so bad. It was so bad until my sister cried. So she returned back the dress to that friend and ask for refund. Thank goodness that friend agreed. So she bought a baju kurung for her solemnization and rent a dress for the reception. The solemnization baju kurung was quite simple so I sew a little bit of lace and beads onto the dress like below picture.

I haven't sew the beads yet in this picture
I also added headpieces for her.

Try and error
In the initial discussion, we agreed to not give any hantaran since both are student so we didn't think they should spend money on hantaran. But suddenly 4 days before the day, the groom said there will be hantaran from his side and told my sister not to tell my mom. What?? Of course we need to give the hantaran too. After discussion with my mom, we agreed to give 3 foods and 2 items.

 We bought all the hantaran (cheesetart, fruits, chocolate, shirt, sejadah)only on the day before the wedding. Haha. For the hantaran decoration, I just bought flowers since I still have a lot of remaining decoration item from my wedding.The hantaran decoration was done by me and my kak yong.

Despite the chaos day before the wedding day and solemnization and reception were on the same day, things went quite smooth on the wedding day. The solemnization finished quite early even there were 4 other couples and wakalah were on the same day. The Tok kadi were so fantastic and managed to finish all akad by 10 am! How great was that!

Ok some picture from the wedding.

waiting for akad. she wore my legendary veil. haha
stole this picture from her friend
her second outfit. this outfit was actually follow the silhouette of her body, so we added a shawl at the back. notice the cape-like there. stole this picture too
hantaran from both side. it was 5 vs 5. 
finally the groom picture. pelamin from cik sue seri manjung.
and meja makan beradab. she forced us to take this picture haha
Congratulation Fatin, hope you can finish your study as per planned and at the same time be a good wife.


Before I go, here my boos picture.

Till then. Assalamualaikum.


Aisyah Radhiah's Aqiqah

>> 11 March 2014

It was my daughter's Aqiqah on 22nd February. A simple ceremony attended by family and neighbors in my husband's hometown, Malacca.

A little bit about our preparation. We prepared 2 weeks prior to the event. Once we got the date confirmed, I booked the cradle and doorgift. Other than those two things, I didn't do anything else. Oh ya, another task of mine was just preparing Aisyah's outfit for the day.

We bought Aisyah's dress from Kenanga Whole City. Not so much choice there for 3 months old baby. I fell in love with other dress, unfortunately no size for Aisyah so at the end we just bought the first dress we saw. This dress was around RM40. We also bought headband for Aisyah but I forgot to bring it to Malacca so I ended up had to buy a new one at Twins Baby shop in Malacca. The new one was quite tight. Once I removed the headband, Aisyah's head was full with the headband mark. Poor sayang mama.

She only wore this dress for like an hour. She seemed uncomfortable so I changed this dress into cotton dress (apparently she was down with fever the next day).

For the doorgift, I bought it online from here. Apam polkadot packed in sushi box. It was RM1.40 per pack. I requested 2 fillings, strawberry and blueberry while the colors were pink, white and green.

Stole this picture from the blog
On top of this packaging I put sticker which I ordered from this website. With 4 inch diameter in size, I got them at RM0.25/pcs for 150pcs. I think it was quite cheap considering the quantity ordered was not 1000. Normally we can only get this price if we ordered 1000 pcs.

Due to limited time, I wasn't able to tell them to change the font color. Sigh.
Since just having apam polkadot in those packaging looked too simple, my mother in law also bought paper bags and bunga telur for the doorgifts. They were all pink in color.

Oh by the way, thank you for all relatives who helped us packing the doorgifts. If I was to do it alone, I don't think they would finish. Hee.

As for the cradle, at first we didn't want any but since this is our first baby, we guessed why not just make it a little bit special by having the baby cradle. So I quickly booked from Buaian Berendoi Lin. Kak Lin has a lot of cradle package ranging from RM250 to RM450. Since our budget was quite tight, we just chose the RM250 package but it was enough, trust me.

See! It was beautiful right. Alhamdulillah. Notice the model in the cradle there.

Food was cooked by Paman Syamsul, my husband's uncle. He was an excellent cooker during our wedding and so this time. We had nasi briyani, varieties of kuih (my favourite was karipap from Wak Jah), fruits and bubur manis (I don't know the name of the bubur actually). I think there were a lot more but I couldn't remember because I didn't eat too much since I am still breastfeeding so my choice of food was limited. I just didn't bother about the food. Hehe.

Oh since this is baby girl, we just need to buy one goat. Only RM800 for the goat and another RM500 for other dishes.

Okay, enough about preparation, now its about the ceremony. The ceremony started with doa selamat followed by marhaban, cukur jambul and lunch but during the day, no one did the cukur jambul. No one. Haha. I don't really mind since I didn't like people touching Aisyah so much but the aunties already prepared a lot of thing for the cukur jambul like yellow rice, coconut, scissor tied with ribbon and a lot more. Haih. So waste of their time. I guess for the next baby we don't need to do the cukur jambul.

During marhaban, we brought Aisyah to each person and they will touch Aisyah's head, kiss her cheeks (I don't like this), and doa for her. They also contributed some money. I calculated the money already, it was quite a lot. Alhamdulillah.

Everything went smoothly that day except for the little Aisyah. She was so moody and kept crying. We didn't know what was wrong at that time. Apparently she's not feeling too well and got fever the next day. And we made it worse by giving stranger kissing her. Isk.

Ok family picture for that day.

Aisyah is so copying my look. Hehe.

Okay till then, Assalamualaikum.


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