Farah's wedding

>>  03 February 2013

My housemate in UTP just got married today. Alhamdulillah everything went well. She was like me, worked really hard planning for her wedding. Her wedding is in Kelantan. So we are basically staying in Kelantan for the weekend. We stay in budget hotel, Polyland Inn in Wakaf Che Yeh.

I love this hotel. Even it is just a budget hotel, it provides every necessity needed for it's guests. This hotel has wall to wall carpet, towel, sejadah, TV with selected Astro channel (hubby was ecstatic when he found out he can watch MU plays tonight), water heater, kettle, mineral water and best of all, Wifi! ( thats why I can update my blog now. Haha)

Okay enough with where we stay.

Let's just see pictures during Farah's wedding.

Okay let the pictures tell the tales.



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